b'Bread Pudding with Two ChocolatesBudino di pane ai due cioccolattiLets just say, between friends, that this is not a dish low in calories.Chocolate SauceBut every once in a4 eggswhile we all need a little4 egg yolks34 cup sugarbit of sweetand this2 cups milk2 cups creamrecipe is just what you1 teaspoon vanillawant. 10 cups day old bread, cut into 2-inch cubes1 cup white chocolate, cut into pieces 1 cup dark chocolate, cut into pieces Chefs Tip Make Chocolate Sauce. Keep warm.In Italy, we use up allPreheat oven to 400.ingredients, includingGrease a deep baking dish.slightly stale bread.In a large bowl beat the eggs, egg yolks, and sugar with an electric mixer until it forms a thick yellow Today, if you buycustard. Add the milk, cream, and vanilla, and beat with the mixer for 4 more minutes.fresh breads from yourAdd the bread to the bowl of wet ingredients and mix well. Use your hand to press the bread down baker, they do not haveinto the bowl so that it will absorb as much liquid as possible. Add the warm Chocolate Sauce and mix, stirring well with a long handled spoon to distribute evenly.preservatives in them.Add the white and dark chocolate pieces and stir well to distribute evenly.After the first day, you are ready to make yourPlace the pudding into the greased baking dish (if you do not have one big enough, use two smaller ones). Let the pudding rest for 15 minutes then place in the preheated oven, reduce the temperature bread pudding. Just oneto 350 and cook for 35 to 40 minutes. e pudding is ready when a knife blade inserted in the more suggestionwalkcenter will come out clean.at least a mile beforeYou can serve it hot or at room temperature, topped with whipping cream or grated chocolate and powdered sugar. eating this dessert! due 18'