b'A few weeks later, a black limousine pulled up to the curb to drop us off . My wife looked out the window and then back at meamazed and surprised. ere it stood in all of its beauty, actually even more beautiful than I remembered it: Romes St. Regis Grand Hotel. e bellhops came around to help us out of the car and load our bags on the cart. May we escort you to the front desk, sir? a young man in uniform asked.Just a moment, I replied. My hand reached inside my vest and I pulled out an old, dented tin box. My fi ngers opened it slowly. I carefully grasped the little pebble inside and then held it high for all to see. Its about time for this pebble to go home, I said.I knelt down and placed the pebble on the ground in front of the Grand Hotel. e limo driver and the small army ofbellhops looked at me quizically.My wife and I stared into each others eyes for just a moment. We both knew what it meant. We walked slowly toward the lobby, holding hands, as if coming home.It is very important to keep ones promises, especially the ones we make to ourselves. As for being rich, well, my wife loves me. My cat, too. I have a great family and plenty of friends.I am rich indeed.29'