b'A note from the chef is little book is a page in to the history of my family. Not only for its personal photoalbum, but for recipes that have been so meaningful to me. All my life, I enjoyed these wonderful dishes, with extra fl avorings because they were served with family stories. On my last trip home to Palermo, my Mom, my wife, and I spent hours looking through old family pictures, recounting one story after another.My mother was animated and theatrical as she narrated her stories, making the special moments from the past come alive again. Perhaps this is where I get my passion for storytelling.It was my ambition to create a charming book which would touch your heart as much as your palate. ese are recipes truly worthy of sharing. I hope you enjoy preparing them as much as I have loved eating them. Share these dishes with your family and friends. ese recipes are not written as rules, rather as suggestionsandyou can improve them with your own ideas. Before you start cooking, I would urge you to read the little stories I have tucked here and there. ey will give you a better appreciation for the time you are able to share with your family and friends. Cooking is about passion, it is about creating a special moment in life through your food, to be shared with those who are most dear to you. Above all, have fun! Mangiamo! (lets eat)'