b'A M ANSHOULDK NOW WHEN H LE ISUCKYe ringing of the telephone startled me briefly. e game is on, I murmured tomyself. I took a quick look around to make sure nothing was missing and then staredat the phone as it rang again. Slowly and self-assuredly, I picked up the receiver.Hello, I said. Four other people had been patched into this conference call and theyall shouted their greetings as they checked in.Well, Nick, were ready to hear what you have to say, said the president of the other company. Please go on.It is a rare thing in life to be given the opportunity to shine. ere I stood all spiffed up in my best business suit and ready to do battle. is was my moment. In my heart I knew I could not have asked for anything better.After many years in the same business with a modest amount of success, we all mature into more confident roles. At times like this, instinct takes over and ones mind begins working at warp speed, still staying focused and attentive to every detail. My presentation was masterful, I thought, as a part of my brain simply could not resist listening in to what I was saying. e more I said, the more I liked it. What style! What delivery! What perfect usage of the English language. Hey, not bad for a little boy from Palermo, Sicily. If only my dad could see me nowFinally, as if I were a laywer in the courtroom, I rested my case. e evidence was overwhelmingly in my favor. Even though I could not see the faces of the jurors, it was obvious to me that there was only one verdict possible. is deal was done. Once my last syllables were spoken, I stood there proudly waiting for their response. I wonder how long it took Napoleon Bonaparte to realize what had actually happened to him at Waterloo. Did he see it coming or did the devastating sense of defeat suddenly crush upon him? e president was speaking but it took a few moments for the words coming out of his mouth to register with my brain. He was elegant and respectful in his delivery. Yet, even though wrapped in the most courteous wording, his answer was a clear resounding NO!60'