b'O N THEM ENU FORSIV:EASONRICETTE FONDAMENTALIthe basicsTomato Sauce9Chicken Stock10IunoChicken Cutlets with Parmigiana Sauce12Chicken Cutlets with Peperonata Sauce14IIdueNancis Meatloaf17Bread Pudding with Two Chocolates18Chocolate Sauce19 IIItrePasta with Ginger and Lobster Sauce20Grilled Shrimp with Sun-Dried Tomato Marinade22 IVQUATTROBraised Sea Bass with Pancetta and Roasted Garlic Sauce24Sea Bass Fillet with Wild Mushrooms and Truffles26 VCINQUE Steaks with Umbria Sauce30Sicilian Steaks32VISEISicilian Spiedini (Veal Roll)34 Mocha Pudding37'