b'Ricotta Tart with Maraschino CherriesTorta di ricotta con le ciliege candite is lovely dessert graced many of our family 2 tablespoons butter dinners. I hope the 8 eggs, separated8 tablespoons sugar, divided tradition will continue 8 tablespoons fl our at your table.2 pounds ricotta cheese, drained of excess liquid2 cups maraschino cherries, drained and cut in half1 cup semisweet chocolate pieces, cut in small piecesPreheat oven to 400. Chefs TipGrease a 9-inch springform pan with the butter, then dust with 1 tablespoon of fl our, shaking off Melt some chocolate the excess.morsels in a glass bowl Beat the egg whites and 4 tablespoons of sugar for 5 minutes, until shiny and almost doubled inin the microvave for volume. Beat the egg yolks with an electric mixer and 4 tablespoons of sugar for 4 minutes. Add theabout one minute on fl our and the ricotta to the egg yolk mixture and continue to mix until it forms a smooth paste. medium, then pour over Fold the beaten egg whites gently into this mixture. Keep 12 cherry halves and fold the rest intoeach slice as desired.the ricotta mixture.Pure decadence!Spoon the mixture into the greased pan and bake in the oven for 1 to 112 hours at 325 or until a knife inserted in the cake comes out clean.Let it cool to room temperature, take it out of the springform pan, dust the top with powdered sugar, and decorate with the remaining cherries. 51 dieci'