b'IndicEinde xA Sauce,19 lobsterAgrodolce Sauce,36 Mocha Pudding,37 Sauce,21artichokes Ricotta Tart with MaraschinoPasta with Ginger and Braised Sausages with,59 Cherries,51 Lobster Sauce,20Gattopardo Sauce,43 clamsMSauted Shrimp withBraised in Tomato Sauce,48 Mocha Pudding,37Artichoke Sauce,41 Cotolette di Pollo alla Parmigiana,12 mortadellaVeal Stew with Sausages,52 Cotolette di Pollo con La peperonata,14 Veal Meatballs with asparagus curryEmiliana Sauce,54Umbria Sauce,31 Sauce,47 mushroomsB Shrimp and Scallops inChicken Gianni,57bell peppers Curry Sauce,46 Sea Bass Fillet with Wild MushroomsChicken Gianni,57 E and Truffles,26Peperonata Sauce,15 Emiliana Sauce,55 Umbria Sauce,31Bistecca alla siciliana,32BisteccaUmbrina,30 F NBraciole di Maiale con la salsa Altesina,50 Farcito alla siciliana,35 Nancis Meatloaf,17Braised Sausages with Artichokes,59Braised Sea Bass with Pancetta and G PRoasted Garlic Sauce,43 Gamberi alla bolognese,40 pancettaBranzino alla Montanara,26 and Roasted Garlic Sauce,25Branzino brasato con la pancetta e laglio,24 Gamberi alla griglia,22 Shrimp and Scallops in Bread Pudding with Two Chocolates,18 Gamberi e cappesante con il curry,46 Curry Sauce,46Bread Soup with Sausages,58 Gamberi in umido con I cariofi,41 Umbria Sauce,31brodo di pollo,10 Gattopardo Sauce,43 Parmesan cheeseBudino alla Mocha,37 gorgonzola cheese Chicken Cutlets with Budino di pane ai due cioccolatti,18 Pork Chops Braised with AltesinaParmigiana Sauce,12C Sauce,50 Nancis Meatloaf,17chicken Grilled Shrimp with Sun-dried TomatoParmigiana Sauce,13Cutlets with Parmigiana Sauce,12 Marinade,22 Sea Bass Fillet with Wild MushroomsCutlets with Peperonata Sauce, 14 Grilled Swordfish with Minted Tomatoand Truffles,26Gianni,57 Sauce,56 Veal Meatballs with Scaloppine with Rosmarino Sauce,44 L Emiliana Sauce,54Stock,10 lima beans pastachocolate Shrimp and Scallops inPasta al sugo di zenzero e aragosta,20Bread Pudding withCurry Sauce,46 Pasta with Ginger and Two Chocolates,18 Lobster Sauce,2062'